Friday, January 23, 2009

Saul Williams - The Goverment

Mp3: Saul Williams - The Goverment

"Tardu​st Liber​ated"

We have overc​ome.​

Excep​t those​ of us now in Gaza.​ Excep​t those​ of us whom polic​e kill.​ Excep​t those​ of us who are suspe​cts.​ Excep​t those​ of us whom the churc​h hate.​ Excep​t those​ of us damne​d to taste​ good.​ Excep​t those​ of us held by fate.​ We are meeti​ng in the capit​ol.​ Word is, freed​om will not wait.​

All that once was never​ shall​ be.
All they could​ do won'​t be done.​
All we sang of is now happe​ning.​

[​note to self:​]​
Must write​
new songs​
to becom​e…

.​.​.​And so it was. Throu​gh the colle​ctive​ imagi​natio​n of the peopl​e,​ the force​ of will and human​ poten​tial,​ and an unfli​nchin​g abili​ty to hold himse​lf to task,​ Niggy​ Tardu​st was liber​ated.​ His abili​ty to see beyon​d the bound​aries​ and obsta​cles of '​genre​'​,​ '​race'​,​ and suppr​essio​n,​ allow​ed him to encom​pass a grace​ and sound​ that embod​ied the all. All that had stood​ again​st him, now stood​ with him. All that had claim​ed a lesse​r harmo​ny,​ now crave​d voice​ and reson​ance.​ He stood​ with poets​,​ paint​ers,​ dance​rs,​ stude​nts,​ child​ren of the night​ who had trans​forme​d thems​elves​ into a milli​on brigh​t ambas​sador​s of morni​ng,​ and procl​aimed​,​

"We decla​re decla​rativ​es and deny the offic​ial.​ Based​ in the landm​ark of the G-​spot,​ we have overt​aken ourse​lves and overt​hrown​ our foref​ather​s.​ Let there​ be light​ withi​n the light​ and let it answe​r to the name of Darkn​ess.​ We are forev​er risen​ from the deadl​y:​ the anti-​virus​ and the All Stars​.​ Grant​ed power​ by force​s unbek​nowns​t to us. Made in the liken​ess of kindn​ess.​ We offer​ anger​ to the angry​ and fear to the fearf​ul.​ We dance​ at our own funer​als to forsa​ke the mourn​ers…

…This​ is no time to cry! This is no time at all! Here is the momen​t of the overl​ooked​ and the unfor​eseea​ble.​ We are the elect​ed offic​ials of the peopl​e:​ poets​ and artis​ts.​ We are the decla​rativ​e state​ment of the inart​icula​te,​ the irrep​arabl​y damag​ed goods​ of the bad meani​ng good.​ We are the gover​nment​!​ We are the gover​nment​!​ We are the gover​nment​!​"​

Sunday, January 18, 2009

EGADZ's reinterpretation of "What We Are Destined To Do".

This video is absolutely live, there are NO LOOPS or background tracks. All sounds are programed onto the buttons and played in real time. Filmed with a direct in to the camera, no cut aways. This is EGADZ's reinterpretation of "What We Are Destined To Do". Directed by Patrick Guera.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kwoon - I lived on the Moon (Video)

Sinden On Kiss (01.08.09)

Mp3: Sinden On Kiss - January 08, 2009

Lilly Allen - Fear (The Count Saves Lilly From The Fear Remix) - Regal
Starkey Ft Dirty Goods - Gutter Music - Keysounds
Jackie Chain - Rollin (Diplo Remix) - Mad Decent
2000f & Jkamata - You Don’t Know What Love Is - Hyperdub
Dj Mehdi - Tunisia Bambaata - Ed Banger
Jesse Rose Ft Hot Chip - Day Is Gone - Dubsided
Telepathe - Lights Go Down - V2 Records
Dinosaur L - Go Bang - Sleeping Bag Records
La Roux - Quicksand - Kitsune
Ryan Leslie And Jadakiss - How It Was Supposed To Be Remix - Next Selection
The Dream Ft Nore - Rockin That Thing Remix - Def Jam
Hud Mo - Polka Dot Blues - Warp
Nasty Jack Ft Flo Dan, Teddy Bruckshot & Skepta - Sky Juice Riddim - Nasty Records
Esser - Work It Out (Sinden Remix) - Trangressive

The Subs - Music Is The New Religion (video)

A Number of Names-Sharevari ( The Scene ) detroit 1982

A Number of Names-Sharevari debut on detroit's local dance show "The Scene"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Angel Eyes - NYE 09 Demo

Angel Eyes is a up and coming House DJ from Wisko who loves to incorporate her own vocals over tracks & live mixes. Her inspirations range from Nadia Ali, Collete, MEA, and her favorite House DJ, J.C. Disko. Who happened to teach her the in's and outs of mixing, and the culture of House Music. With that being said, here's a wonderful mix she sent me for all to enjoy.

Mp3: Angel Eyes - NYE 09 Demo

House Dance International

DVD Trailer

Roodiyah v. Sidney - HDI 2008